You can eat fruit rich in Iron: Rich in Iron and Vitamin D

Rich in vitamin D and iron, the orange fruit contains some of the most vitamin-D-rich fruits and vegetables on Earth, according to a new study.

Researchers at the University of Washington found that oranges, which are high in vitamin-C, contain more than 30% of the vitamin D found in humans.

That means they’re an excellent source of vitamin D, and you can get plenty of it by eating oranges.

The researchers tested the vitamin-deficient fruit by adding a dose of vitamin C and vitamin E to the water of fresh oranges and seeing how it changed the vitamin levels.

They found that vitamin C levels in the fruit increased by as much as 60%, while the vitamin E in the water increased by nearly 75%.

In addition, the vitamin C in the oranges reduced the levels of several other types of vitamin-B and vitamin-E in the blood, the researchers reported in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

In contrast, they found that when vitamin C was added to the fruit, the levels increased by only about 2%.

These results suggest that the vitamin A in the orange can act as a vitamin B-like supplement, the study authors said.

So it’s probably a good idea to eat at least some of your oranges with a little vitamin C. But don’t get too excited.

The study didn’t look at whether orange juice contains more vitamin C or vitamin E than other juices, which is important because they can affect how much of the vitamins are absorbed, the authors wrote.

The authors added that more research is needed to understand the exact effect of vitamin A on vitamin D. The U.S. government advises people to consume as much vitamin A as possible.

The USDA recommends people eat at most two to three servings of fruit and vegetables each day.