What you need to know about the new food safety rules

The Food and Drug Administration announced a new set of food safety regulations Tuesday that will expand the types of products that can be labeled as high-fiber vegetables and meat.

The new rules expand the definition of high-fat, low-fat and refined grains, and make it easier for people to buy foods that have high levels of refined carbohydrates.

The rules, issued in the final week of the year, are part of the agency’s efforts to crack down on processed foods and other products that are high in sugar and fat.

The new rules are designed to address concerns about the safety of those foods and how they affect people’s health.

The rules do not address how foods labeled high-protein or high-calorie can affect weight.

The FDA said the new rules “make it easier to help consumers choose nutritious foods, while reducing foodborne illness and the potential for harm.”

The agency said the changes will help to help more Americans have healthier diets.

The rules also require the FDA to create a food safety plan, which must be made available to the public in a public-health format, and that it issue safety guidelines to the food industry.

The regulations come as the Food and Nutrition Board is set to announce a food product safety advisory committee on Wednesday that will consider recommendations to make the food safe.

The Advisory Committee will include representatives from a variety of public and private entities, including the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Food Safety and Inspection Service, the Department of Agriculture, the Office of the Federal Register and the Institute of Medicine.